The Travis Letter Returns

To reboot interest in history tourism at the Alamo and highlight recent changes at the former mission, Mark created an event that would become the largest public event at the Alamo in a generation. The “Travis Letter Returns” event brought back to the Alamo the iconic “Victory or Death” letter written by Alamo commander William B. Travis 179 years before at the beginning of the famous siege that claimed his life and that of his fellow defenders. Mark created a unique PR campaign centered on a public call to “See The Letter” during its short stay at the Alamo. The theme was carried on all public marketing and merchandising.

The resulting “Travis Letter Returns” event was the largest event in recent history at the Alamo and led to a surge in donations and unprecedented sales at the historic shrine. More than 23,000 visitors braved long lines to see the famous, faded Letter in a darkened Alamo church. The exhibit, which moved many to tears, inspired tens of thousands of visitors and produced a financial windfall for the iconic former mission. The newly renovated Alamo Gift Shop saw record sales of $291,951 during the two-week period. The shop carried a line of Travis Letter merchandise that included postcards, a commemorative book, T-shirts, cookies emblazoned with “I Saw The Letter” and even a Travis Letter written on a 2-pound bar of Belgian chocolate.

Sponsorships for the event raised a total of $101,000, as well as donated Southwest airline tickets which were secured as a prize for the “See The Letter” Facebook photo contest.